Software Developer & Project Manager & IT Consultant

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About Me

A Talented Software Developer / Project Manager

I am a passionate software developer who finds joy in the art of problem-solving, weaving imaginative solutions into existence. The thrill of transforming abstract concepts into tangible, user-friendly realities fuels my dedication. Crafting lines of code to enhance the daily experiences of individuals brings me immense fulfillment.

Personal Info

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  • Open to Work? : No
  • Freelance : Non-Available
  • Address : Bursa/Turkey

My Expertise

Web Developer

I'm developing a Full-Stack web. I mainly develop back-end.

Project Manager

I completed my undergraduate education on management information systems. I provide project management services.

Software Instructor

I give instruct mainly in software and web development areas. I can work part-time.

My Resume


Software Developer – Curie Soft, LLC

Nov 2023 – Full-Time Remote Current

I provide services in the fields of web development.

Software Developer - Team Lead / Project Manager – Hexaops Technology

Sept 2022 – Oct 2023 - Part-Time Remote

I provide services in the fields of project management and web development.

Software Instructor – Bilisim School

Feb 2023 – Sept 2023 Part-Time Remote

I helped young people to get started with basic software.


Undergraduate Degree - Management Information Systems (%100 English) – Adana Science and Technology University

Sept 2018 – June 2023

During my education process, I learned and applied the following topics: Project Management Database Management, Business Process and Automation Software, Development – Mobile and Web, Data Science and Machine Learning,

My Current Tech

  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / JavaScript

  • C# - .Net Core

  • PostgreSQL - MsSQL

  • RESTful API


  • English


  • Spor
  • Pc Gaming
  • Travel
  • 6Project Finished
  • 2Project Manage
  • 11Freelance Customer